Civil Litigation

Boston Law Firm with wide range of litigation, negotiation and business transaction skills

The attorneys of The Gordon Law Firm recognize that litigation is not the only (and sometimes the least effective) means to resolve legal dilemmas. Their proficiency and experience in pre-lawsuit negotiations, mediation, arbitration, and other forms of alternative dispute resolution enables them to go the extra mile for their clients in avoiding, if at all possible, a costly, risky and time-consuming fully litigated result. They work with their clients to discuss the scope of available strategies that can be pursued to accomplish the most efficient, timely and effective results in each case and assist in business transactions that resolve or avoid disputes.

Civil litigation clients

The Gordon Law Firm represents individuals and businesses involved in all manner of civil litigation and arbitration. Our experience allows us to help clients resolve issues arising from—

  • Commercial disputes
  • Real estate disputes
  • Contract disputes
  • Lending disputes (including lender liability)
  • Insurance disputes (including coverage issues)
  • Employment disputes
  • Trustee in bankruptcy fraudulent transfers, avoidance or clawback actions (both prosecuting for the trustee and defending)

Not just litigators but trial lawyers

Having lawyers who are, when alternatives are lacking, ready, willing and, most importantly, able to actually take the client’s case to, and completely through, a trial is key to success in both the assertion of the client’s maximum rights and avoiding the need to do so whenever possible. We handle civil cases decided by—

  • Juries
  • Judges (Bench trials)
  • Arbitrators
  • Appellate Courts

What kind of cases do we handle?

We handle any case where there is a dispute over money (except for domestic relations and plaintiff personal injury cases). These cases range in complexity from simple matters that can be resolved in a single court hearing to very involved cases that can take years of preparation and weeks of trial to resolve.